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Vertical three stick brake-xnt518105
Product Detail:
Vertical three roll gate is our company's own development, development, production of intelligent channel management equipment, through the configuration of different devices to read and write, you can complete the passage of the passage of intelligent control and management.
The whole product is molded by stamping of stainless steel plate, beautiful appearance, anti rust, durable, and outside the system, using standard electrical interface, can easily be a bar code card, ID card, IC card read-write device integrated on the device, so as to provide an orderly civilization passage way for personnel access, and can prevent the illegal personnel access. At the same time in order to meet the demand of fire passage, in case of emergency cut off the pole, evacuation.
Product introduction
The structure of the whole product is made of 304 stainless steel plate sheet stamping molding, rust proof, sturdy and durable,
The shape size: length * width * high 420 330 1000 (mm)
- weight: 50Kg,
The gate length: 500 (mm)
The brake rod steering: unidirectional and bidirectional (optional)
The working environment: indoor and outdoor (best awning frame)
Semi automatic three roller brake
Standard function:
Auto reset function: through the spring damper and balance mechanism to ensure the safe and stable operation of the gate is always in a state of;
The super bright traffic indicator: the direction of the super bright LED lamp design, indicating more eye-catching;
The multiple access mode function: you can set the gate card or two-way one-way free passage two patterns;
The memory access requests: multiple credit card, remember to pass the number of gate opportunities, after all through the pedestrian gate;
The power off the rod function: gate power down rear brake lever automatic dropping convenient evacuation;
The anti-collision function: the brake lever in a locked state, can not use external force;
A variety of control functions: can be an external button, remote control, bar code, IC or ID, and other kinds of reading and writing equipment;
The anti tail function: each passage of the rod rear brake to rotate 120 degrees after automatic lock;
The remote control function: through the computer connected to the RS485 card or TCP RS485 remote control gate;
The automatic lock function plus: after the credit card is not within the specified time through the gate, re lock cancel pass time 1 - 60 seconds.
Extended function
The limited number of traffic function: through the software limited access number, to meet the needs of personnel management under special conditions;
The counting function can increase the number of Import Statistics: counter;
The anti reverse access function: in the passing process, the brake lever has certain angle rotation can only move forward, to prevent a card too many people;
The illegal intrusion alarm: no credit card is forced through the pedestrian, pedestrian traffic card alarm gate opportunity;
The hydraulic buffering function: in order to reduce the impact of metal sound operation, can increase the hydraulic buffer;
The appearance of optional spray, color optional.
Product parameters
The power supply: AC220V + 20%V, 50Hz;
The working temperature of -40 DEG C and 70 c;
The relative humidity is less than 95%, no condensation;
The pass speed: 30 / min (IC card);
Input interface: standard switch signal;
The communication interface: RS485 standard electrical communication distance: <1200 meters;
The material: 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel;
- Color: brushed stainless steel or plastic, color optional;
Adaptive place
The office: commercial buildings, government agencies etc.;
The science and education units: colleges, research institutes, libraries etc.;
The commercial service places: supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks, etc.;
The leisure and entertainment parks, scenic spots, such as: the playground;
The transport site: bus station, train station, subway station, airport, etc..
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