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Vehicle license plate recognition system -1
Product Detail:
Shenzhen City Xinhui intelligent Co. Ltd is a leading position in domestic, a high-tech enterprise specializing in entrance control management, system hardware and supporting product development and production. With the in-depth study on the current status of the industry, to explore the needs of users, creatively put forward the "full range of industry entrance control comprehensive solution solution, widely used in the modern Intelligent Building, enterprises and institutions, infrastructure facilities, government agencies, transportation, residential and commercial property in other places, dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, professional management scheme for users at the same time, to help customers build a more safe and more perfect and efficient access control management platform, suitable for people, vehicles and the" safe and controlled "traffic access management requirements, covering the application of parking lot management, elevator management, access control attendance management, consumption management and other subsystems.
The company has a sound research and development, testing, production, sales, customer service process, ensure each device to close to the market demand, at the same time, the company has a group of professional talents with rich professional experience, excellent solutions, to provide customers with the most perfect access control equipment and management system solution
Advantages of license plate recognition
License plate recognition is undoubtedly the highest degree of intelligence, the use of the most convenient parking lot management technology.
1) for the management of the fixed vehicle, the "license plate recognition" has the following advantages:
To completely solve the "card management", one card multi car situation;
To completely solve the "card management, card carrying case;
To completely solve the "card management, card lost card brings, up card work;
To completely solve the "card", the card card damage caused by card work;
To completely solve the "card management, card communication installation position;
A problem of other sources......
2) for temporary vehicle management, the "license plate recognition" has the following advantages:
The completely solve the "card management", the phenomenon of blind money charges;
The complete charge personnel from the artificial issuing work of liberation;
The solution of "card management", and some temporary vehicles out of parking lot management, the loss of temporary card and parking fee;
The fixed individual car completely solve at the time of admission from malicious temporary card, causing temporary card losing situation;
The entrance card issuing machine completely solve the problem of limited capacity;
The other source of a problem......
System functions and features
Using high definition video camera to enhance the width and depth of license plate recognition. Can be more clearly identified to the license plate. Its main features are as follows:
The offline identification of fixed plate, transmission gate instruction, fixed plate storage capacity 10000. Recognition system to a minimum degree of dependence on the environment, can achieve the correct rate of all-weather license plate recognition rate of more than 98%. Using TCP/IP network HD camera, capture image clarity, the accuracy of license plate recognition.
The LPR based recognition system improves the recognition speed and accuracy;
The identification of the minimum number is 70 pixels wide;
That adapt to the complex climate and light conditions, such as cloudy and rainy days, the evening can ensure high recognition rate;
I go to the high-speed flow, the speed at 200 km/h, the single lane flow of 30 / min can guarantee a high recognition rate (>98%);
The realization frame of the video image processing, video stream trigger, without burying ground sensing coil, to avoid damage to the pavement;
HD license plate camera
The highest resolution is 3 million pixels (2048 x 1536) @ 20 FPS
The High Profile uses H.264 encoding, which can output Full HD 1080p@30fps real-time image
I go by ROI, SVC and other video compression technology, high compression ratio, and the process is very flexible, ultra low latency, low bit rate
The support of a wide dynamic range up to 120dB, suitable for light environment monitoring
The support 3D digital noise reduction function
The support of DC /PoE, AC/PoE power supply mode
The progressive scan CMOS, capture the moving image without jagged
The maximum 64G SD/SDHC/SDXC card Micro local storage
The ICR infrared filter automatic switching, realize the monitoring day and night
The local analog output, convenient installation and adjustment
The support of the three stream output at the same time, the dual stream can be independently set up different HD resolution, frame rate and bit rate
The support through the fog, electronic image stabilization, and has a variety of white balance mode, suitable for all kinds of needs of the scene
The support of backlight compensation, automatic electronic shutter function, automatic aperture, shutter, corridor mode, to adapt to different monitoring environment
The scene changes with border detection, detection, intrusion detection, anomaly detection audio, defocus detection, motion detection, face detection, dynamic analysis and other alarm function
The complete function: picture overlay, anonymous access, IP address filtering, heartbeat, mirror, PTZ control, alarm, key recovery etc.
The GB28181 protocol support
Display control integrated machine
The key part of license plate recognition, license plate recognition system is the main function in the license plate information display, broadcast voice and transmission gate signal.
Display: admission shows two lines, respectively, the license plate number and the number of. Appearances of two lines show that the license plate, car park time and the amount of payment.
Voice: broadcast and display information corresponding to the voice installation: the bottom of the column installed expansion screws, which can be separated from the screen and the column, easy to maintain, you can not open the column
Technical parameter:
Do working voltage: AC 220V
Do the working environment temperature: -25 -60 DEG C
Do relative humidity: less than 95%
Do communication interface: TCP/IP
Do high column (mm): 1000
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